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These are kitchen proven recipes and tips.  Questions? Contact me!

This recipe section represents a 25 year collection of my favorites. Generally I cook without the consulting a recipe, but some things are sufficiently outstanding--or just simple--that writing them down is necessary either to duplicate or to remind. Many of them are "copied," but these were given to me at my request, and are acknowledged. Others are amended by me to suit my own preferences. I consider them improved! A few are uniquely mine, "created," as it were, from scratch. Visit the site often, since I intend to add recipes weekly. I am beginning with a small, random selection. All are GREAT ! (in my opinion, at least. I hope you share it.) !

Cooking Tips and Ideas
Things you may or may not find in a book, and some you will not.
Things your mother may or may not have taught you.
Things "they" taught you that aren't necessarily correct.

Check back from time to time . . . I'll be adding to the list of informational tips. Eventually I'll make a passable chef out'n ya!