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Florida Books
Activities, Travel & Places
Archaeology & Native American
Nature, etc.
Plants & Gardening
History, etc.
Art & Photo Journals
FL Authors, Non-Fx & Fiction
Activities, Travel & Places   Archaeology & Native American
Best Backroads 3
North FL & Panhandle
$ 14.95

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  Florida Place Names
(Indian Origins)
$ 16.95

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Nature   Plants & Gardening
Guide to Birds of FL
By Smithsonian
$ 22.95

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  Flowering Trees of FL
By Smithsonian
$ 16.95

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History   Art & Photo Journals
Some Kind of Paradise: Man in FL
By Derr
$ 18.95

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  Visions for the Next Millennium
By Butcher
$ 30.00

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Miscellany   FL Authors, Non-Fiction & Fiction
Journeys with FL Indians (kids)
$ 24.95

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  Land Remembered
By Smith, Patrick
$ 12.95

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My goal is to become THE website from which to order Florida books. None exists. Or, at least none which I can find. Being a small bookstore I cannot compete with Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and that ilk, so I'm trying to be different. (My wife will certify that I am, at the very least, trying) .

Anyway, if you don't see a book you want, I'll get it, if possible. You will not find a better selection of books on/about/from Florida than mine, at least not in one place. I am quite open to suggestions, however, and would greatly appreciate them. Soon there will be "thumbnails" of each and every book, the content of which is not obvious from the title. The website is new, and still in the growing phase.

Be patient. . . . and tolerant . . . even though I am not, sometimes. Oh, alright Priscilla (my wife), almost never . . . but, then, I'm trying.